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‘Philippa is experienced, extremely motivational and gifted in her craft but also has the wonderful ability to pass on her knowledge to others. Having taken other Creative Writing courses I would definitely say she’s the BEST’

– Lorraine, 2014


‘It is difficult to imagine a writing coach who could strike a better balance than Philippa does between motivating, supporting, challenging, and encouraging her writers in such a way that they weave words and create works that go beyond even their own expectations. Perhaps part of Philippa's magic is that she is not a writer and, therefore, creates a safe environment with neutral and wise insight to help a writer realize his or her best and truest voice.’

– Darcy, 2013


‘My course with Philippa in Turkey was of huge benefit both immediately and in the long term. After her inspirational coaching and teaching I completed my first novel within a year. I have attended other writing courses but the 'book doctor' covered all the necessary bases, as well as using coaching techniques to provide self-support after the wonderful week was over, which is not the case with all courses. I would highly recommend Philippa's approach to getting your book written.’

– Elizabeth, 2013


‘Talent, experience and humour make Philippa stand out from other coaches, as does her genuine interest in people’s stories and writing’

– Kelly, participant 2012


 ‘I just write for fun, so it was a real step out of my comfort zone to go on not just a holiday but a writing Holiday! In the mountains in Turkey! With a bunch of strangers!  From the start Philippa assayed my fears and encouraged me to take a small step into the unknown.  It was a holiday I will not forget. Inspirational, relaxing and truly life changing in many ways.  The course was well run and I never felt out of my depth.  In a shaded kosk in Turkey I found me – a writer that could make people smile.’

– Sam, 2013


‘I didn’t think I could pen a book, let alone write a potential series until I did Philippa's brilliant course in Huzur Vadisi. Her unwavering belief and support is invaluable, and her knowledge is second to none. I feel unbelievably lucky and eternally grateful we met.’

– Tanya, 2012


‘It's rare and precious for an aspiring author to have access to someone like Philippa. She'll give you the encouragement you need to get started, the editorial expertise you need to make your book better, and practical tips from her years of experience to help you get your book published. Having someone with so much knowledge and experience working with some of the world's most successful authors giving feedback on your own project is priceless. I feel so lucky to have found her.’

– Liz Mundy


 ‘I attended Philippa’s course in Turkey more from a desire to get a gentle break than with any great ambitions in mind.  To my pleasant surprise, the week turned out to be a fantastic combination between a glorious rest and a massive motivational spur to resume my flagging passion for writing.  Philippa has the rare ability to combine the sharpest professional skill with unbounded enthusiasm for budding writers, somehow making all those she comes into contact with feel special and talented.  Since the summer, I’ve continued to use her service to coach and advise me with my current literary project and never cease to be amazed by her inciteful (insightful or incisive?) critical pith, diplomatically wrapped within a welcoming an enthusiastic outer peel.  She is a superb communicator, a star that shines a warm and positive light upon those aspiring or established writers fortunate enough to fall within her orbit.’

– Mark, 2011


'Join a group in paradise where a professional publisher/angel will show you to polish and present your potential novel'

– Betty, 2008


'Great atmosphere, great course! Where a vague wish to write will become a concrete goal. It's the only course where you will receive information on the publishing world'

– Nicole, 2008


‘The course and experience as a whole was wonderful. Philippa was superb and the best I have come across. I think her position as an editor means she’s interested in everyone, like a gardener is with plants. She has a warmth which spread to all of us and we feel very encouraged. The course was a great boost'

– Martin, 2007


‘An inspiring, fun and life-changing week’

– Daniel, 2006


'I was seriously stuck with my second novel when I discovered Philippa Pride and her writing holidays. Within a couple of days, I was back firing on all four cylinders. It was like magic! Philippa’s gift was to make me feel writing could be fun again. She is hugely supportive of all the writers who are lucky enough to cross her path – and she might just have saved me from being a one-book wonder.'

– Sally Nicoll, 2008


'For anyone who loves writing and wants to get to their next level, there is nothing more informative nor inspiring than spending a week with Philippa Pride'

– John, 2007


‘For me as well as the others it was the most useful class I have ever taken, the perfect balance of theory and practice. I hope to be able to join you in some way soon again.’

– Luca, June 2014


‘I found Philippa's course invaluable – as a complete beginner with lofty aspirations she gave me the tools to get started and unlock and sharpen my creativity. Writing being a lonely pursuit, it's a great comfort to have her encouraging words and nuggets of knowledge with me on the journey.’

– Stephanie, April 2014


‘Based on the effect it had on me, the course should be called 'free your creativity and get started on your book', which it is. The course does what it promises, and what it promises is something wonderful. Philippa inspired me to set unrealistic goals and then helped me achieve them.’

– Sebastiaan, April 2014


‘A really inspiring course! Philippa's advice is practical and her feedback highly rewarding, giving aspiring writers the impetus to actually write and conquer their writing gremlins!’

– Hemant, March 2014


‘Philippa's course was engaging, motivating and fun.  It helped me to get much more down on paper and equipped me with some very useful tips and techniques to keep the words flowing.’

– Peter, March 2014


‘Despite some past success I had a bad case of writer’s block when I booked into one of Philippa’s workshops, and it’s made a huge difference in helping restore my creativity. It’s not just Philippa’s knowledge of publishing or the inventive exercises she’s devised: most of all it’s her empowering personality, which really makes you believe that you can do it.’

– Alison, July 2013


‘Skilful, inspiring and generous, Philippa draws out the very best from her clients. Her personal approach inspires confidence and self-belief. You leave her sessions revitalised and with a whole new sense of direction.’

– Liz, July 2013


‘I would say to anyone who is thinking of taking a writing course,  If you are feeling nervous or intimidated at the thought of sharing your work publicly - don't be. Philippa combines her extensive knowledge of the writing and publishing process with positive encouragement and thoughtful feedback to create a non-threatening, inspirational and fun environment for everyone from published authors to absolute beginners. Even a year later I'm still reaping the benefits of the course. Thanks again Philippa and I would very much like to take another one of your courses next year.’

– Claire, July 2013


 ‘Wish I could bring you home with me to sit at my shoulder while I write!’

– Jacqui



 ‘I was truly energised by Philippa's class. She not only delivers two intense days packed with leanings and inspiring strategies to become a better writer but also manages to create an atmosphere of trust which encourages open sharing and brings the best in all participants.’

– Brigitte, May 2014


‘It [was] a great pleasure to be part of this group. Thanks[s] so much to Philippa for a true kick in the butt . . . it got the ball rolling down the sandhill so fast that I have completely turned my novel upside down and inside out . . . Your exercises were a stupendous shake-up for me.’

– Rebecca, May 2014


‘I attended a novel writing course with Philippa earlier this year and am so pleased I did!  I learned some brilliant practical techniques for shaping narrative and ensuring characters are developed fully. The session using the senses in writing was invaluable and I particularly benefitted from learning the best way to put together an agent letter and hone my pitch to a few key sentences.

Philippa has a delightful teaching manner and I felt extremely inspired by the weekend.’

– Elizabeth, February 2014


‘Philippa has been a wonderful writing coach and mentor. Like a kind of creative midwife, she has helped to nurture and coax my novel into life, encouraging me onwards when I’ve hit a block and offering practical guidance and feedback to help me shape and sharpen my narrative. She is endlessly patient and supportive yet manages to deliver constructive and incisive challenge just at the moment you most need it. For anyone looking to develop their writing or get a novel off the ground I really can’t recommend her highly enough.’

– Susie - August 2014


'Philippa is an inspirational coach; I was stuck about three quarters through a book and Philippa's skilled questioning and good common sense cut straight through my writer's block. She combines empathetic coaching skills with a vast experience of the publishing world. It's an irresistible mix. I would encourage anyone who is wrestling with a book, or even just thinking about writing one, to spend time with Philippa.'

– Fiona


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