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As a book editor, writing tutor, creativity coach and publishing consultant, I know just how important it is to respect your privacy.  So I thought it would be helpful to spell out why I need any personal information, how I use it, and the limited conditions under which I may share it with specific partners, subject to your consent.


I have written the questions on my enquiry page so that I know whether you want to book on a writing holiday/course or if would prefer one-to-one editing or coaching.  Your answers will help me to assess if/how I can offer you the help you seek. Please use this form rather than emailing me direct.  Rest assured I will keep this information confidential.


From time to time, I will send out an e-newsletter which may include inspirational writing tips as well as information about my upcoming writing courses, holidays, one-to-one coaching and editing.  As part of the registration process for this occasional e-newsletter or email round robin, I collect personal information.  I don’t rent or trade emails lists with other organisations and businesses.



If you book to come on one of my writing holidays or courses: with your permission, I would like to share your details with my partners with whom I jointly run and organise any ventures.



This Privacy Notice is written on 24 May, 2018 and will be reviewed from time to time.



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