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A certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)  Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Coach and Hypnotist, with a fascination for neuro-science, Philippa offers the following services



NLP and Coaching - Life Coaching and Executive Coaching


Designed to help the client to: identify their values, resources and objectives; set and meet personal and professional goals; move from their current state to their desired outcome.


Philippa can use NLP interventions should the client wish.


This coaching takes place at Philippa’s office near Portobello Market in London with an option for some sessions to be on the telephone or Skype.


An initial session of two hours followed by five sessions of one hour.


Suitable for writers and creatives as well as professionals looking for a career  - or career change – in the publishing industry


One-to-one Writing Coaching and Consultancy


Tailor-made packages for you:  a combination of creativity coaching, publishing consultancy and editorial feedback.


As agreed on a client by client basis, Philippa can create sessions which include motivational coaching exercises, tips on how to start your book or keep writing, editorial feedback on chapters between sessions (subject to agreement and a reading fee) and advice on how to approach a literary agent or book publisher.




  • How to create the perfect pitch, the inspirational synopsis, and present your material correctly  presentation

  • Looking at the  benefits of a literary agent and advice on how to approach them

  • Exploring the he relative values of traditional publishing and self-publishing

  • How to get your book noticed and choose the route which is right for you



‘Philippa has been a wonderful writing coach and mentor. Like a kind of creative midwife, she has helped to nurture and coax my novel into life, encouraging me onwards when I’ve hit a block and offering practical guidance and feedback to help me shape and sharpen my narrative. She is endlessly patient and supportive yet manages to deliver constructive and incisive challenge just at the moment you most need it. For anyone looking to develop their writing or get a novel off the ground I really can’t recommend her highly enough.’

Susie - August 2014

Book Editing


Structural editing (ie broad brush), subject to agreement.

(Philippa requires both a printed hard copy sent by post and an electronic copy by email).


NLP Hypnotism


Philippa is a certified NLP Hypnotist.  As with Coaching, writers have enjoyed this as a way of getting in flow and moving with ease from their present state to their desired outcome.





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